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Villaspaniol Cocker Spaniels

The home of health tested
quality show bred

English Cocker Spaniels

**This page is currently being created**
** more to come**

A Dog's life....

This page is about giving you the prospective puppy owner an insight to what happens here on a daily basis, and what life and conditions are like for a Villaspaniol Cocker Spaniel.

As you are likely to be aware if you have spoken to me regarding a puppy I am always busy, around 18 hours a day I am doing things to do with my dogs 24/7 365. Its a physically demanding job for both myself and my small team, but also very rewarding.

I try to make myself available for calls in the day, however its unlikely I will return your call between 6-9pm .....this might be suitable for you but its not for me as that is probably the only 3 awake hours I get to myself and even then I am doing paperwork or my web, so please dont take it personal, we all need 'my time'.

So where do my dogs live...........

I live in a 3 storey house and one floor is dedicated to the dogs, when I say dedicated I mean it only for the dogs. All floors and walls are tiled for hygiene and easy cleaning. We have a room specifically for older puppies, a room for bitches who are in whelp, a general day room and a boys room. We also have a kitchen, and a fully equipped grooming room with hydraulic bath. Initially puppies are reared in the house, but will move downstairs once they are up and about so they can start to use their muscles and move more freely and they can be exposed to more living experiences. The adult dogs sleep in pens of twos or threes.

During the day adult dogs will be lead walked on rotation, or will free play on the barked area, or under the covered run, as last year we installed a roof over the main run so that our dogs can go outside in any weather without getting far the best money spent on the kennels. I also own a 2 acre field that the dogs get access to for a good run, so we have no shortage of space for our dogs. We have different activities each day for the adults, for example it could be a ball day, or rope tuggy day or just lounge around day. The point is they are not locked up all day everyday. We try our best to give our dogs a varied and enriched life as far as possible with being a kennel dog.

This is our dogs home

Villaspaniol out on the move