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The home of health tested
quality show bred

English Cocker Spaniels

Villaspaniol babies born n bred!!

Villaspaniol puppies are reared from Dam/Sire selection
through to 8 weeks with great care in terms of health welfare
and my personal attention.

My puppies are initially fed by Mum; when it is time to wean, 

they are weaned on a mixture of milk replacer and biscuits. 

This ensures they receive the correct nutrients to promote 

healthy growth and condition.

The puppies are wormed at 2 weeks, and then every 2 weeks 

until they leave at 8 weeks. They are vet health checked, and 

are micro-chipped.

We also provide the 1st vaccination, we have in recent years not done so as customers were finding it increasingly difficult to get the same vaccine at their own vet which often led to poor pupster being given a further full new set of chemicals, which I do not agree with. Most of my pups are booked months in advance which gives the customer plenty of time to find a vet in their area to give the second vaccine. Our preferred vaccine is Canixin DHPPi/L2 we do not use L4

We currently test for the following hereditary conditions

PRA prcd*




BVA eye testing

Hip Scoring**

In all of our litters there will be at least one parent clear for the DNA testing*, this means that your puppy can not inherit and be affected these conditions

(from August 2020 aon & ams)

and most of our stud dogs are hip scored**

Puppies are living things and sometimes things do go wrong, I try my best to breed healthy pups, from what are believed to be healthy well adjusted parents, and urge potential puppy owners to be aware that although there are health tests for some diseases there are also other diseases that are not tested for and that we do not even know about - just like humans. But if things do go wrong then, I will try to my best for both owner and puppy to find a solution to the issue.

All Villaspaniol puppies are endorsed against breeding and export. This is to contribute to the health of future generations of cocker spaniels and promotes responsible breeding.