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Villaspaniol Cocker Spaniels

The home of health tested
quality show bred

English Cocker Spaniels

Kennel Rules

& Viewing 

I have always been very strict with people viewing my precious puppies but in light of the increasing risk of Parvo virus spreading throughout the UK, I am now having to enforce stringent rules when prospective puppy owners wish to view a litter.

I spend a huge amount of my time and money ensuring all areas my dogs live in are sanitised daily, I use only the best cleaning products, however this virus is deadly. I will not put any of my dogs at risk of this dreadful virus, if you can not respect my rules then you will not be permitted to come and view.

  • Initially prospective puppy owners will be telephone interviewed for suitability to the breed
  • If agreeable an appointment will be made to view
  • Prospective owners WILL NOT view any other kennels or puppies prior to visiting mine on the day agreed, this is to minimise cross infection
  • Prospective owners may be asked to wear protective footwear covers (at times of Parvo risk) , or footwear sanitised with Formula H spray
  • Prospective owners will be asked to sanitise hands with gel provided by Villaspaniol (if you have allergies please bring your own)
  • Prospective owners WILL NOT be allowed to bring existing pets on to my property, to minimise cross infection

Views are planned for 1 hour and are usually between 11am-4pm, 7 days a week pending show commitments, as a rule I don't do evening views as it disrupts the dogs 'wind down' routine. Please ensure you arrive on schedule as we plan views around feeding/exercise and general daily tasks.

On some occasions puppies are both viewed and purchased on the same day, in this instance £200 of the total paid will be classed as a deposit and therefore non refundable. Deposits will only be refunded in the case of a health issue diagnosed prior to collection by my vet or upon your own vet health check which as per our contract you will have 72 hours in which to have your puppy checked by your own vet for peace of mind.

However, due to an increase in demand we have now started to take deposits on puppies in advance of the actual view, the reasons being that once we advertise at 2 weeks old there is another 4 weeks to wait to view and people are wanting assurances that they will get the puppy of their choice, so 1st deposit placed has 1st appointment to pick and so on and so forth. When you view if either party is not happy then the deposit will be refunded immediately. Full T&C are given at time of deposit. Once deposit is paid I will post out The Villaspaniol New Owner Guide, and add you to a watsap group specifically for the litter your puppy is from, so you can keep up to date with your puppy's journey and you can of course hat with the other owners of the litter.  I keep this group running long after the litter leaves as most owners find it really helpful to discuss pups development. 

When you visit Villaspaniol, you will meet Mum with her puppies. You will also meet Dad as I tend to use my own stud dogs that also live in. We conduct views in 'Tara House' which sounds terribly grand, but is in fact is a log cabin which adjoins a dog run. You will be able to handle and interact with the puppies, you will see their play zone, you will not be permitted entry to whelp rooms or where my dogs sleep as they live in my home. 

This is Tara House

named after my beautiful Tara

who sadly passed away 2018

at the tender age of four

(Please note we do not have toilet facilities so if you have had a long journey best to stop en route)

During your view there will be plenty of time for questions from both parties, once we are all happy that is you, me and the puppy. We then confirm pick up date and fill out paperwork. You will take home with you my own 40 page Villaspaniol Puppy Guide, which gives you lots of helpful information.

Viewings of puppies are normally at 5-6 weeks old, the reason for this is at 6 weeks puppy is pretty much independent from mum in terms of food and is starting to show lots of personality traits which helps in making selections for the right homes. You will clearly see my premises are well kept, and clean. All of my dogs live in my house, they are not kenneled. From Tara House you can see the dog runs, puppy outside run and barked area. My puppies are reared in clean, dry and warm conditions. They are fed quality food. They are wormed and parasite treated accordingly. They are reared with love and care and it shows. I only want the best homes for my puppies. If I believe you can not deliver that, I reserve the right to say, no thank you, as indeed you as the buyer also has this right.

As the saying goes 'A dog is for life'. Amen.