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Older Puppy Dog

Needs a forever new home

We unfortunately have had to take back a pup from a home as things have not worked out. In line with my contract I will always help to re-home any of the dogs I have bred, be it a pup or older.

I am always brutally honest about cockers with prospective puppy owners and how during the first year to eighteen months they can be hard work as any breed of puppy can be, some are a dream and some can turn into constant stress for the owner and the dog, which is not helpful in the slightest. The bottom line with cockers is that they NEED clear leadership, clear boundaries. Only you as the pet owner can give this, it is your job from 8 weeks old to nurture this beautiful bundle of fluff to be a happy, confident good all round pet, and a joy to live with. This is done through lots of things but in brief: socialisation, training and routine......and repeat....and repeat

So we have a golden show type male aged 8 months old, he is neutered, fully vaccinated, chipped, health checked. He went to live with his new family of 2 adults and 2 young children.

It is fair to say the owners who have not owned a dog before have struggled with how to manage a boisterous puppy that thinks every aspect of life is to play........but playing like a puppy with another puppy which can be rough. At 8 months old he is still mouthing and nipping, he is jumping up constantly at adults or children, he is reacting to lots of vocal noise short he is ruling the roost. I have seen VTs of him and in my opinion he needs to be with an experienced spaniel type owner who has the time to re-train him basic dog manners. He is good with other dogs, and has been fine with the children too, but he gets over excited when playing with them. There are no food issues or toy issues, he is good to share.

He is just a naughty puppy who the owners have not had the skills to correct him and train him properly. The owners are devastated to be returning him to me, but feel they are out of their depth, which I agree.

I am looking for a new home where he will live in, preferable as a solo pet (we will consider another dog as there are no issues with other dogs), the new owner must not work so they have the time to bond and retrain him, we do not want children, as I would like the dog to be in a totally new calm and structured environment so that he has the time to absorb a new way of thinking and new way of life. The ideal person is an active retired type.

The prospective new owner will be home checked and assesed by trained rescue assessor to ensure he will be going to the right environment. There will be a small rehome fee which will be given to the charity which is helping me to find the best home for this boy. I will upload a photo shortly, if you are interested in this puppy please contact me 07894 282644