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Villaspaniol Cocker Spaniels

Reservation Process and Waiting List

The home of health tested
quality show bred

English Cocker Spaniels

Reservation Process 

Send a brief watsap to 07894 282644 detailing the following:-

  • Name and location
  • Date you are looking to purchase a puppy
  • Sex and colour preference ie Blue roan male
  • Whether you have owned a dog or cocker before
  • If you have children and age of them
  • Employment status ie part time 2 days a week, or home all day etc etc

I will then aim to reply within 24 hours which will be a generic text depending on when you want a pup, this will be either, sorry no pups atm, or will ask you to text back in a certain week, or maybe join the waiting list (if open), or if very young children are at home I am unlikely to be able to help you.

This then gives me the first point of reference from when you originally enquired to try and keep it fair. I would love to talk to all my enquiries but it is simply impossible, once we get down to actually having a bitch in whelp, I will then make contact with the waiting list and the potential owners who have watsap me back as requested, will then book a chat. This way manages my time better.


I am currently working on a waiting list that works​ both for you as a customer and me in terms of managing my time. 

I am creating a watsap group for people waiting, possibly for up to 4 months ahead of wanting a puppy,

In brief, after initial enquiry and both parties are happy, I will add you to the group. I will announce on the group that we have availability once pups are born, and will ask for anyone who is keen for this particular litter to DM watsap me which will give me your initial enquiry date and help to 

organise viewing order.

Health Testing & Prices

I have always been middle of the road in terms of our pricing structure, not the lowest and not the highest, but in terms of quality and health tests I believe I am one of the higher end of breeders.

I have spent years developing my pedigree lines and producing health tested quality puppies, I have always been a business and paid accordingly. Many of these people selling puppies on the selling sites do not even know what is in the pedigree of their dam to the pups and many have no health tests or the bare minimum. They do not breed to type and temperament. I health test all my dogs which are listed below, this is an ongoing cost to the business.

My puppy prices will always be a sensible reflection of current market conditions.

All Puppies come from health tested parents which combined include the following tests

We currently test for the following hereditary conditions

PRA prcd*




BVA eye testing

Hip Scoring**

In all of our litters there will be at least one parent clear for the DNA testing*, this means that your puppy can not inherit and be affected these conditions

(from August 2020 aon & ams)

and most of our stud dogs are hip scored**