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Villaspaniol Cocker Spaniels

Retirement Villa Doggies

I am reducing my numbers during 2022, we will have some lovely girls to re-home as the year goes on. I will post any available on my website.

They are usually aged 4-6 years old, they will be health tested for PRA prcd FN and AON, they will normally be spayed before leaving and have a dental. There will be a small re-home fee.

The ideal owner for one of my girls, is an active retirement person or family with older children. My dogs are absolutely fine with other dogs, however other dogs don't always want to share their home with another dog. So whilst I will consider people with other dogs, my preference is no other dogs. That way there is no jealousy and additional stresses during the settling in period, for both dog and owner.

If you would like to be considered please email me at [email protected] with a summary of you and your home and worklife situation and where you are located.