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Villaspaniol Cocker Spaniels

The home of health tested
quality show bred

English Cocker Spaniels

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Taking your precious puppy home

What happens here at Villaspaniol before you come and view

Many owners think that the only input we have with the creation of your puppy is from birth to eight weeks, it goes way further back than this. When selecting our breeding programme dogs they fall into two categories, one is in the main to produce something for the ring, the other to produce show type puppies which will in the main go to pet homes. Of course it does not always work out this way and a line I might consider not be good enough to show turns out a super litter. So we are always open minded with the pedigrees we have. We also look at the type of construction a particular bitch has and try to improve on her 'faults' by using a dog that has the qualities we would like to improve.

The biggest factor for you the new puppy owner is temperament. All of my dogs have to live together, they all have to get along as we do not tolerate badly behaved dogs that dont mix well. When you meet my dogs you will see they are well socialised and happy in temperament and one would hope this comes through to the puppy. When puppy leaves me I am confident that they are confident and outgoing, obviously there will be some quieter and some louder in the traits but all will be playful and happy.

You guys who take the pup can make or break your future dog by not taking ownership of future training needs. Bottom line is you will only get out of a dog what you put in, and its a tough job to be consistent, but the rewards you will get for the rest of your dogs life will be so satisfying.

If you want a well behaved well adjusted adult dog, you have to take control and show the puppy how it is done from day one

page will continue to be updated.............